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Thank you for helping I Have A Dream Foundation

At the Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation (CIHAD), we believe that every child deserves a quality education and every child has a fundamental right to reach his/her highest potential.

The Colorado "I Have a Dream"® Foundation (CIHAD), founded in 1988, is a long-term academic and social mentorship program for youth who live in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and/or attend underperforming schools in Metro Denver. Over the last 27 years, CIHAD has developed and fine-tuned a comprehensive one-on-one support and advocacy model for our participants who we affectionately call Dreamers. The CIHAD foundation has impacted the lives of 810 Dreamers through; mentoring, academic enrichment services, social-emotional supports, global cultural exploration activities, experiential learning, community service projects, internship and corporate networking experiences, collegiate coaching and tuition assistance for higher education. Dreamers are selected and adopted in kindergarten and are provided these services up and through post-secondary pursuits. 

The donors' vehicle/boat/or RV proceeds will influence our program by providing resources to support all of our Dreamers with after-school programming, summer camps, one on one tutors, experiential experiences (theatre, snowboarding, golf, tennis , arts etc.), ACT & SAT Prep,  College & Career Readiness Programs, out -of- state college visits,  and leadership conferences.


Please Note:
I Have A Dream Foundation has partnered with Driven to Donate to operate our vehicle donation program. Your documentation for this donation, as well as all legal details associated with the donation, will be handled by Driven to Donate. I Have A Dream Foundation is the beneficiary of your donation and we are grateful for your support!