Our Services to each Nonprofit

How we help you operate your program

Driven to Donate takes the donation from concept to completion. We:

  • Design a custom online form for your organization's website.
  • Take phone calls and process online donations.
  • Schedule towing.
  • Make repairs or enhancements where appropriate.
  • Sell the vehicle.
  • Provide your organization with all the donor's information.
  • Send all required forms to the IRS and the donor so they may receive their tax deduction.

Driven to Donate handles all the details and then splits the net proceeds of any vehicle donated to your program with your organization. You benefit from over 11 years of experience in the car donation business. By partnering with Driven to Donate 100 percent of the proceeds support nonprofit organizations – yours and Step Denver.

Additional Services

Best of all, there is no charge to launch your new vehicle donation program. Once the partnership is established we will meet with you to make all the arrangements and collect all materials (logo, graphic standards, etc.). We will do the rest – all you have to do is promote awareness of the program among your supporters.

For more information on Driven to Donate, call 720-457-2538 or visit www.DriventoDonate.org and click on Contact Us. We look forward to helping you maximize the untapped potential or your vehicle donation program.

Our Nonprofit Partners